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Here are some cover letter samples I am working on:

This goes to the TEMPLATE I made where I can copy it and put in the missing info. for direct, from an ad, etc.

This goes to a sample for a DIRECT approach.

This goes to a sample for a response to an AD.

Here's my RESUME links in case you need to see those pages again.

In the samples in the booklet, the address info. on top is centered, but left justified within that center space. The only option in html to do that would be to use the [pre][/pre] tags where you actually can lay it out pretty much the way you want, but with Web TV there are no guides, rules, tab stops, or other word processing applications that are required for proper layout. So it's kind of "ragged center", is that OK?

I just went into Sunday's paper for a sample ad to use for this cover letter and found there are no ads for this. I looked under alpha. where Web and Internet should be, nothing. Nothing appropriate under advertising, and under computers, stuff like analysts, Visual Basic programmers, operators, integrators, but nothing that I see that deals with the Internet or HTML, so I had to improvise on my "ad" response letter until I can find some genuine ads. I realize I probably need more work here but is this OK for starters?