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NOTE: I now have most of my surveys at SURVEYS SITE, but I still need to put the Jan/Feb/Jun/Jul 1967 surveys (and perhaps some others) that are here onto the new site. . The former link here, was to Geocities, which folded on October 26, 2009. I now have my own hosting space where I have all the surveys from this Tripod page as well as the ones hosted at the defunct Geocities site. I now have the bandwidth to put them all in one place vs. the surveys being spread out at different sites with the few MB allowed here and the few MB allowed at Geocities, etc. So you can now just disregard this page, who knows when Tripod will close on their users, as Geocities is now evicting their "Homesteaders"!

Here are my latest WIXY survey scans as published in _The Cleveland Press_. I have them from January 16, 1967 on, I don't think these were published as such before then. When WIXY did their Friday evening countdown on the air, they would only play #40 thru #1. The lower 20 were seldom if ever acknowledged, and few were ever played, unless it was a already well known artist debuting another can't miss hit in the lower 20. Unfortunately, I have to scan from Xerox copies of the originals (fit 4 loose surveys to 1 xerox page), as the originals belonged to someone else, which he since sold. I used to have my own set too from when I was younger and religiously listened to the Top 60 (again WIXY actually only counted down the top 40 of the Top 60!) countdown on Friday afternoons, and clipped the surveys from the Cleveland Press, but my set has been long gone. I can't remember if the WIXY logo was on the ones from the 60's, if so they were clipped off the top here. Some surveys may seem a bit cockeyed as that's how they were placed on the copy machine and shifted. The copier also made some areas darker or bleed. I hope to eventually have all the '60's WIXY surveys I have on line, a slow process as I'm badly in need of a more modern scanner

UPDATE: I have some January 1967, and February 67, 68, and 69 now. I have really poor copies of the early '67 surveys and they may be difficult to read. You may want to right click and save the surveys, then you can use an image editor of your choice to enlarge, reduce, or enhance the surveys.

January 1967
February 1967
February 1968
February 1969

March 1967
March 1968
March 1969
February 1970
March 1970
April 1967
April 28 to May 19, 1967
March 29 to April 18, 1968
April 26 to May 17, 1968
April 1969
May 1969
April 1970
May 1970, except for May 29
Here are the scans for the second week in July for '67, '68, and '69 respectively: (I am missing 7/11/69, so I subbed 7/18/69) Enjoy!

Here are the scans for the first week in July for '67, '68, and '69 respectively: Enjoy!

Here are the scans for the last week in June for '67, '68, and '69 respectively: Enjoy!

Here are the scans for the third week in June for '67, '68, and '69 respectively: Enjoy!

Here are the scans for the second week in June for '67, '68, and '69 respectively: Unfortunately I don't have the survey for June 14, 1968, so I have included the June 21 one instead. The '67 survey has Van Morrison's overplayed classic "Brown Eyed Girl" at #58 for the second week in a row, guess it took a while to get going. In the '69 survey, everyone's "favorite" "In the Year 2525" is just debuting. I would like to hear what "Take Your Love and Shove It" by Kane's Cousins sounds like, never heard it. Enjoy!

Here are the scans for the first week in June for '67,'68, and '69 respectively. The '67 one just has to be a classic; the beginning of The Summer of Love:

Here are the scans for the first week in June for '67, and last week in May for '68, and '69 respectively:

Here are the scans for the fourth week in May for '67, '68, and '69 respectively:

Click here to actually hear a 1966 aircheck from WIXY, and from other Cleveland stations.


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