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Here are some records I proudly own. They are 45's unless otherwise noted. They are in no particular order. They are in all different conditions. If anyone has any info on the collectability or worth, or has any interesting comments, praises, criticism, or info about any of these records, feel free to e-mail As far as selling any, that's still up in the air at this time.

Page under construction, I should have some titles here soon. Check often as I will add little by little as time permits.

Records will be listed as: (?*)A side/B side-Artist, year, label and label number, label color. (Any comments).

* The ?, if used, will denote that I'm not sure which is the A or hit side.

Popsicle and Icicles/Huntington Flats-The Murmaids/The Murmaids Band, 64, Chattahoochee CH-628-A/-B, deep pink.

?Dizzy, Miss Lizzy/Slow Down-Larry Williams, 5?, Specialty 626, yellow and white.

Give Ireland Back to the Irish/" (version)-Wings, 72, Apple 1847, white with green shamrocks.

Gilligan's Island (Stairway)/The Wet Look-Little Roger & the Goosebumps, 78, Splash Records SPL 901 A/B, cyan blue label with silver letters.

Do Ya/California Man-The Move, 72, United Artists 50928, tan.

I Remember You/I Listen to My Heart-Frank Ifield, 62, Vee Jay #457, black w/ rainbow edge.

Everyone's Gone to the Moon/Summer's Coming-Jonathan King, 65, Parrot 45-PAR 9774, orange/yellow spokes.

Open My Eyes/Hello It's Me-Nazz, 68, S.G.C. 45-001, pale yellow w/ red lettering. (unfortuately the record has a crack, but playable).

My Bonnie (My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)/The Saints (The Saints Go Marching In)-The Beatles With Tony Sheridan, 64, MGM K13213, black w/ rainbow letters.

Walk Tall Like A Man/So Blue Is Fall-2 of Clubs, 67, Fraternity F975, red w/ silver letters. ("Walk Tall" featured in MGM Movie "Doctor, You've Got To Be Kidding" according to label. "Walk Tall" was a big hit on WLS/WCFL Chicago, but made only #56 on WIXY, Cleveland).

Respect/Feelin' Lost-The Rationals, 67, Cameo C-437-A/-B, red and black.(Detroit band, did well in Cleveland, "blue eyed" Beatle-like cover of Otis Redding's "Respect". Label bottom states " 1963 CAMEO-PARKWAY Records, Inc.").

?Sticky, Sticky/Mr. Success-Bobby Harris, 6?, Shout S-203, white, blue and orange.("Division of Bang Records". "Sticky, Sticky" is a "Hang On Sloopy" clone, Sloopy mentioned in the song, both sides written by Bert Berns).

Open Up Your Door/Once Upon Your Smile-RICHARD and THE YOUNG LIONS, 66, Philips 40381, black.

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away/City Winds-The Silkie, 65, Fontana F-1525, light cyan.

Rhapsody In The Rain/Trapeze-Lou Christie, 66, MGM 13473, black w/ rainbow letters. (I have heard two different versions of "Rhapsody". This one has the line "And in this car, our love went much too far". I believe the other version has a different line there. I don't know which was the "censored" version).

Elevator/Yes-Grapefruit, 68, Equinox E-70005, white label w/ black letters and yellow sun.

Blue Moon/Little Boy Lost-Herb Lance & The Classics, 6?, Promo P-1010, plum red w/ silver letters. ("A Product of Addit Recording Corp. ~ N.Y.").

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'!/How Does That Grab You Darlin', 88,Rhino RNOR 4509, grey. (Pix slv w/ Nancy on front w/ red bground).

Out In The Sun (Hey-O)/Someday Soon-The Beach-Nuts, 68, Bang B-504, yellow. (Not the "Someday Soon" you're thinking of. Both sides written be Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer. I hear Lou Reed was in a group called the Beach Nuts in his early days, not this one?).

Happy XMas (War Is Over)/Listen, The Snow Is Falling-John & Yoko/The Plastic Ono Band & the Harlem Community Choir, 71, Apple 1842, black with 5 faces, John's morphing into Yoko's. (Green vinyl, pix slv).

daddy iS my PusHer/we're SO glaD elvis IS DeaD-TITS, 78, Plurex 6845 005, white w/ black letters. (pix slv says "Plurex 101", Dutch).

Spooky/Break Through-Mike Sharpe, 67, Liberty 55922, black w/ rainbow side. (This is a jazz instrumental, and as far as I know, the original, before the Classics IV covered it, in much the same way the Buckinghams covered Cannonball Adderley's instrumental "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy". The Mike Sharpe version peaked at about #41 on WIXY, Cleveland).

Dream With Me/I Knew You Back When Babe-Jacobson & Tansley, 66, Filmways Records FW-106, silver and blue. (Regional hit in Cleveland. Dist. by Valiant Records).

Boobs A Lot/Black Bottom-The Holy Modal Rounders-Metromedia 71, DJB0-0201 (BMB0-0201), blue label, "Not For Sale" on label, in same black print as rest of label.

Next Plane To London/Flower Town-The Rose Garden, 67, Atco 45-6510, yellow and white.

Mongoose/I Couldn't Dream-Elephant's Memory, 70, Metromedia MMS-182, blue.

Israelites/My Precious World-Desmond Dekker & The Aces, 69, Uni 55129, yellow.

?Bongo Gully/It Was Like Heaven-Little Joey And The Flips, ?, Joy 45K 268, black, color "JOY" and spikes around label.

?Let It Be Me/Ain't That Loving You Baby-Betty Everett & Jerry Butler, 64, Vee Jay VJ-613, black, [VJ] on top w/ VEE JAY in smaller letters in the brackets under the VJ. Rainbow edge.

Hey Joe (version)/Piss Factory-Patti Smith, 77,Sire 1009, yellow. (pix slv says "special collector's edition0>

Lou Reed Bootleg EP "White Heat", 1976, 7 inch 45 rpm. Side one has "Foggy Notion". Side 2 has "Inside Your Heart","I'm Sticking With You", and "Ferry Boat Bill". "all composed by L.H. Read (sic)" White label no company name, label number AEB 100. Pix slv B&W doctored-up skyscraper front, B&W pic of Lou (?) on back w/ car and U-Haul. Under song titles it says "BABBLE ON & MEGAN".

Hot Love/One Inch Rock-Seagull Woman-T. Rex, 71, Reprise 1006, orange.

Gloria/My Generation-Patti Smith Group, 75, Arista AS 0171, pale blue. (pix slv).

Mongoloid/Jocko Homo-Devo, 77, Booji Boy Records 7033-14A/B, black w/ silver letters and face graphic. (Fold open cover, front shows posterized pic of band, world map with "DE-EVOLUTION" written across it, on bottom "Q: ARE WE NOT MEN?". Inside, left panel, musical notes w/ "it's d-e-v-o.. from o-h-i-o!, and the words to both songs, next two panels hidden inside covering record- graphic "Devo - three piece swim set". Visible right inside panel, two posterized band members, and "A: WE ARE DEVO !!!" on bottom. Back panel has one member posterized with cube glasses, and "we're all devo! booji boy x o " in script in upper right corner).

I Remember/Whiplash-101 Strings Orchestra (and the Sounds of Bebe Bardon on side A)-a/s Records AS-4522-A/B, red w/ black letters. (Side A says "For Adults Only" and the words are pretty X-rated).

Love At First Sight (Je T'aime ... Moi Non Plus)/Nancy's Song-101 Strings Orchestra (with Special Sound Effects by Bebe Bardon on Side A), ?, A/S Records AS-4508-A/B, yellow with black letters (All "moans" on this one, but doesn't carry the adult warning).

Batman Theme/Richie's Theme-The Marketts, 66, Warner Bros. WB 5696, orange w/ black letters and arrowheads.

Niki Hoeky/Good Things Are Coming My Way-P.J. Proby, 67, Liberty 55936, black w/ rainbow side.

Master Jack/I Looked Back-Four Jacks and a Jill, 68, RCA Victor 47-9473, black.

Lucifer/Big River-The Bob Seger System, 70, Capitol 2748, red and orange.

No Good To Cry/Never Mind-Wildweeds, 68, Cadet 5561, blue.

Naturally Stoned/Honey and Gall-The Avant-Garde, 68, Columbia 4-44590, red.

Out Of Limits/Bella Dalena-The Marketts, 6?, Warner Bros. 5391, red w/ black lettering and colored arrows coming from hole. WB logo.

I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight/Don't Go-Barry and the Tamerlanes, 64, Valiant 6034, purple w/ silver letters.

Make Believe/Groovin With Mr. Bloe-Wind, 69, Life Records L-200, black label, "LIFE" and cross are magenta with whitw outlines.

Happy/Blue May-The Sunshine Company, 67, Imperial 66247, peach w/ lt. green side, says "AUDITION RECORD".

Give Me One More Chance/Get It (Instrumental)-Wilmer and the Dukes-Aphrodisiac SME 260, lt. orange w/ black letters. (regional hit)

?Why/Cry For A Shadow-The Beatles With Tony Sheridan, ?, MGM K 13227, black w/ rainbow MGM.

Outside The Gates Of Heaven/All That Glitters Isn't Gold-Lou Christie, 66, CO & CE C-235, yellow w/ black letters.

?(Rockin' Crickets)/Five Points-Rudy Vincent Jr. and his Rockin' Crickets, ?, End E-1042, white, black letters, red "end", front of dog -- "end" -- chasing rear of dog.

How Do You Catch A Girl/The Love You Left Behind-Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, 66, MGM, yellow w/ black letters, "Special Disc Jockey Record","Not For Sale".

Avenging Annie/So Fine (It's Frightening)-Andy Pratt, 73, Columbia 4-45804, red and orange.

What A Woman In Love Won't Do/Shattered-Sandy Posey, 67, MGM K13702, black w/ silver letters and rainbow MGM. ("Shattered" not the one done by the Stones).

There's No Surf In Cleveland/Laugh In The Dark-The Euclid Beach Band, 78, Scene SR 45001, lt. blue label w/ black letters.

She's Gone/The Road Of Life-Jerry G. & Co., 66, Clevetown Records CTXP-240-A/B, blue and black w/ silhouette of Terminal Tower (Cleveland Landmark) (Jerry G. was a DJ on KYW radio 1100, in the mid 60's).

Go Back/Try-Crabby Appleton, 70, Elektra, white, black, and red.

Did You See Her Eyes/Falling In Love-The Illusion, 69, Steed 45-712, grey "Promotional Copy, Not For Sale".

Yellow River/Down The Mississippi Line-Christie, 70, Epic 5-10626, yellow.

Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You-The Beatles, 64, Tollie T-9008,yellow w/ black letters.

Nothing But A Heartache/How Can You Tell Me!-The Flirtations, 69, Deram 45-DEM-85038, white and tan.

Dusty/Hey, Hoagy-The Rag Dolls, 64, Mala 493, blue w/ silver letters.

Gloria/Baby, Please Don't Go-Them, ?, Parrot 45-PAR 9727, black w/ silver letters, green and yellow parrot and yellow "parrot".

Ice In The Sun/When My Mind Is Not Live-Status Quo, 68, Cadet Concept 7006, DJ Copy.

Today's Lament/Love & Her-Lee Rand, 66, Destiny 3135-3215, red w/ silver letters.

Respectable/Lost In My World-The Outsiders, 66, Capitol 5701, orange and yellow swirl.

Younger Girl/Gone For Awhile-The Critters, 66, Kapp K-752, black w/ silver letters.

Hold Me Tight/Cupid-Johnny Nash, 68, JAD J-207-A/B, white, green, and purple.

San Francisco Girls/Come With Me-Fever Tree, 68, Uni 55060, yellow with colored swirls.

A good friend of mine has some records for sale. Many 78's, some 33's & 45's. Mostly big band & pop. Scroll down list as there non-record items listed too.