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Here is my wishlist. Most are 45's. I will try to put as much info about the records I am interested in as I can. You can e-mail me at

I will list them as:(?*)A side/B side (if known)-Artist(s), year, Label and label number, label color. (Any comments).

* The ? I will put in front to denote that I'm not sure which is the A or hit side.

You've Been Torturing Me/See Them Laugh-The Four Young Men, 60?, Crest 1076.

Colette-Billy Fury, 60, London. (British).

Teenage Cleopatra-Tracey Dey, early 60's. au audio clip¹

Thundercrack-Bruce Springsteen (Bootleg LP, possibly live - somewhere in Texas '75)

Dear Delilah-Grapefruit




¹clip courtesy of OLDIES MUSEUM